Bastinado of Mature Foot Slave

Slavegirl China is requested to position herself on the cell floor with her feet not yet decided. The soles of her feet are presented to exemplary bastinado discipline. The brunette slave young ladies feet are presented to foot whipping and sole of the feet caning.

She shouts in anguish as her feet are rebuffed. While the discipline of Chaos speaks to a more current and BDSM roused type of foot discipline, Chinas foot torments is a course book case of falaka or bastinado. Beating the feet of a slavegirl in a hitting or BDSM setting is an a type of extreme flogging.

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Bastinado of Mature Foot Slave

Both slavegirls appreciate and persevere through genuine disciplines of their uncovered feet in the prison, in this hybrid between exemplary foot obsession and bastinado, and more current sorts of hitting and sadomasochistic sorts of disciplines.

Full Length Video Available in High Resolution – Visit The Pain Files – Real Slavegirls, Real Pain, Real Tears

Foot Job Dominance

Foot dominas licked feet and male slaves feet job under harsh guidance from his female dominant foot fetish mistress from Foot Fetish Porno

feet domina

















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Isabel Dean Trampled

Trampled, humiliated and kicked – a rough afternoon of bdsm under the boot of her master for Isabel Dean at Shadow Slaves dungeons.

The slave girl is taken under boot, trampled mercilessly till she cries, made to lick boots and kicked. Cruel foot fetish, disgusting humiliation and leather boot kicking of a helpless slaveslut submitting willingly through tears and pain to her sadistic master in the dungeon.






Japanese foot torture of Mei Mara

Japanese foot torture and feet spanking of tied oriental slave girl in cruel toes needle piercing pain and soles whipping agony of Mei Mara at The bound and punished asian slaveslut has needles in her toes, metal clamps tormenting her feet, a candle burns her soles and a harsh whipping of her feet is dished out without mercy.

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japanese-foot-torture-14 japanese-foot-torture-12 japanese-foot-torture-12
japanese-foot-torture-11 japanese-foot-torture-10 japanese-foot-torture-09
japanese-foot-torture-08 japanese-foot-torture-01 japanese-foot-torture-02

Cruel foot fetish of a true asian masochist at Meis japanese foot torture and needle pain for masochist bastinado slavegirl in hardcore bdsm and extreme feet punishments using piercing needles, canes on the soles of her feet and crocodille metal clamps on her toes.

Bastinado Quote from Buffy

Bastinado Quote from Buffy. In a 2002 episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Principal Robin Wood, after mentioning the bastinado, says:

“No one ever knows what that thing is.”

Without hesitating, Buffy responds:

“A wooden rod used to slap the soles of the feet in Turkish prisons, but, if made with the correct wood, makes an awesome Billy club.” (7.2 – “Beneath You”)

Amateur Feet Whipping

Amateur feet whipping and bastinado of falaka slavegirl Beauvoir in tied foot spanking and merciless bdsm movies. Beauvoir is strapped to a medical chair with her feet in air for a fierce whipping of the soles of her feet.

Amateur Feet Whipping

The screaming english slaveslut wriggles and groans as she tries to hide her feet from the leather whips tormenting her in a stern falaka session. Intense foot fetish and BDSM for the british slavegirl and her sore whipped feet.

Amateur Feet Whipping

Cruel bastinado and falaka presented by The Pain Files

Tools for Bastinado

Usefull Tools  for Bastinado, explained by


Belts are great for bastinado. They do not apply the best lashing across the helpless soles but they are fantastic to use to warm up the soles. This would be the first thing to use in a session where the intensity of the whipping increased with each round of flogging.

The Cane

The cane is possibly the most common implement used to whip the soles of the feet. Canes are very painful and vary the intensity of the punishment and pain according to how thick or thin they are and how flexible they are.In a typical session the feet will be whipped with a variety of different canes. This means that the torturer can slowly intensify the pain to his victims soles not only by how hard he strikes the feet but with which cane he has decided to use. A good bastinado session will use more than one cane

Electric flex whip

The ultimate device for delivering pain across the soles of the bare feet. It is a really hard man who can receive the bastinado with electric cables and not be reduced to tears very quickly. This device should only be used with the direct permission and agreement of the person on the receiving end. This is real torture at it’s very best (or worst depending on where you are when it is use). Serious welt marks will be left across the bastinadoed soles when it is is used and walking will be very hard, maybe impossible for quite some time

Bound feet and Foot punishments

Bound feet and Foot punishments, also known as bastinado and falaka, of two british slavegirls.
Spanking and punishment of the delicious feet of slavegirls China and Miss Chaos

Slavegirl Chaos is placed on a table in the dungeon for torments. Her arms and feet are securely bound and her feet severely punished.
Blonde bdsm slave Chaos in bondage and extreme foot punishment bastinado in the dungeon. Chaos struggles in her ropes as hot wax
drips right between her toes and down her exposed feet. Feet torments and pain for the british bondage slavegirl in the old dungeon.

Slavegirl China is ordered to position herself on the dungeon floor with her feet up in the air. The soles of her feet are exposed to classic
bastinado punishment. The brunette slave girls feet are exposed to foot whipping and sole of the feet caning. She screams in agony as
her feet are punished. Whilst the punishment of Chaos represents a more modern and BDSM inspired form of foot punishment, Chinas
foot torments is a textbook example of falaka or bastinado. Beating the feet of a slavegirl in a spanking or BDSM context is a a form of severe
corporal punishment. Both slavegirls enjoy and endure serious punishments of their exposed feet in the dungeon, in this crossover between
classic foot fetish and bastinado, and more modern types of spanking and sadomasochistic types of punishments.

Frozen ticklish toes

Frozen ticklish toes

We got a big snow storm the other day here at Foot Cuties and thought it would be a lot of fun to freeze up Ginger’s feet and tickle her a little bit. Ginger has a great laugh and is one hell of a sport! Kali started off by strapping her into some wrist and ankle bondage then proceeded to plunger her soft, sexy feet into a huge bucket of sticky, wet, freezing cold snow! The white stuff looks so good around her feet. And Kali uses a couple different pointy, sharp instruments to tickle her soles and poke in between her toes. This drives her a little nuts :) Ginger is pretty ticklish and even when her feet are cold and numb she still can’t help but laugh. About half way through we get her out of her cuffs and make her step around in the crunchy snow, stomp down on a makeshift snowman, and wrinkles and scrunch her feet in front of the camera. She’s got tons of wrinkles on her pretty soles and if you’ve seen her other videos then you already know that. Ginger is so pretty and cute and her feet are truly sexy.

Big Breasted Cherry in Feet Punishment

Electric Feet. Big Breasted Cherry in Feet Punishment. Cherry is very much into having her feet punished. Extreme Electro BDSM Session featuring feet whipping and Electro. Watch more of Cherrys Electric Feet Fetish

Big Breasted Cherry in Feet Punishment

Electric Feet
Big Breasted Cherry in Feet Punishment

a246.jpg a250.jpg

Cherry is very much into having her feet punished
Extreme Electro BDSM Session featuring feet whipping and Electro
a251.jpg a253.jpg

Watch more of Cherrys Electric Feet